Virtual St Mary's Institute for Historical Research

Where St. Mary's Staff and Historians live virtually.

Virtual St Mary's Institute for Historical Research

Where St. Mary's Staff and Historians live virtually.

Welcome to the History Department! Behind the seemingly innocent façade of St Mary’s, we are conducting a different kind of historical research. (Please refrain from mentioning "time-travel" as you will be laughed at extensively.) Technically speaking, we "investigate" major historical events in contemporary time. Unfortunately maintaining the appearance of harmless eccentrics is not always within our power – especially given our skill in causing loud explosions when things get too quiet....



Meet the Historians of St Mary’s Institute of Historical Research as they ricochet around the timeline. Their aim is to OBSERVE and DOCUMENT. Jumps are organized to try and find the answers to many of History’s unanswered questions (and not to die in the process, we hope).

Everything at St Marys revolves around our History Department. These brilliant Diasaster Magnets may have the attention span of a teabag but one way or another they get the job done! 

If YOU are interested in becoming the newest member of the History Department, please read all the warnings, disclaimers and health / saftey waivers below....

History Roster

Martin Hooper
Agnetha Vestman
Victoria Doyle
Lynne Rabouhans
Susan Arney
Biba J. Reid
Rebecca Peggy Burns
Chrissie Kelby
Ellie Zenner
Tone Nielsen
Averil White
Marion A. Brown
Elizabeth Williamson
Marie Villaneda
Wendy Martindale
Jenny Blackmore
E. Gilliam
Annette Wynne
Sarah Rousseau
Lillian Anderson
Aurora Harley
Charissa E. Hutchins
Siobhan Capelin
Corliss Greene
Kelsey Rose
Bedolli Nicole Hicks
Emma Porter
Lisa Woodhouse
Brittany Waggener
Cara Simmonds
Calimero Gilmour
Fiona Hawke
Jenni Thomson
Amanda Wilkinson
Tracy Jagger
Cayce Kennedy-Brabson
Bridget Robertson
Fi Mayer
Wendy Armitage
Ali  Rodwell
Meredith  Adams
Heidi Bauer


Jump Reports and stories from past investigations by our Disaster Magnets.

A Message from our Equine Department:

Welcome to all the new History Department recruits! The previous intake of lady historians have just logged the necessary hours of side saddle riding without incident, so Turk and his team are looking forward to welcoming you at the stables! Please feel free to refresh yourself with Side Saddle etiquette by reviewing the following documents!