Virtual St Mary's Institute for Historical Research

Where St. Mary's Staff and Historians live virtually.

Virtual St Mary's Institute for Historical Research

Where St. Mary's Staff and Historians live virtually.

Your Groundskeeping Department works hard to make St Mary's a true show place. Staff also makes sure we have high quality fruits and vegetables on our table, beautiful gardens to enjoy and spots for outside recreation. There is also a great deal of fun to be had in/with this group of green thumbs! Chopping yule logs, motorised out of control lawnmowers, a suntan in summer, planting cryptic messages with the spring bulbs.........Alas on the other hand :: SWANS!

Grounds Keeping Roster:

Department Head - LYNNE MUNRO
Constantina Mead
Melissa Wittner
Emma James
Allison Forson

For VSM Newbies :: Please consider joining grounds keeping!

The possibility for hiding the evidence is endless and we are but a small, industrious team dedicated to getting a medal from Mr Strong for swan taming, historian surviving and providing a tranquil place to be blown apart by R&D. Gardeners, florists, botanists, landscapers are all welcome here!

It's summertime, the flowers are blooming and the birds are singing. If you can help even part time with clear up, swan shooing, car clearing and construction Jacqui wants to hear from you! ((She bakes too so there is a potential for bribes and treat incentives!!))

Now Complete Spring 2019!

This beautiful garden was master minded by Groundskeeping Head: Jacqui Wilson Young, but it took all of St. Mary's coming together to make it happen! Big thanks to Maggie in R&D for the -totally safe and not spectacular- Gunpowder Spray that helped tame and clear the undergrowth. (see Security... it all worked out just FINE!). The Time Map paths are created by real grass carefully maintained by Groundskeeping and hand sheared by habitual trouble makers (mostly from the History Department). Cushions have been scotchgarded / water proofed but swimming in the water channels of the Time Map Garden is generally frowned upon... not that that will stop you... or Pliny....


Rachel our Head Historian was "helping" out Groundskeeping a while back! It started with a cuppa underneath the strawberry bush... followed by LAWN MORE RACING!! Needless to say the Security & Risk Department went into meltdown and shut it down pretty much immediately, but not before someone wrote messages in the lawn with spray...... Long story short the grass grew back on the lawn, the mowers now have cool paint jobs and there are a number of dejazzled trees on the campus. All is well that ends well at VSM! <>

VSM Lawn Mower Racing

This is a reenactment of original events. Rumor has it Tea and strawberry scones went to the winner.....

Other Views of the VSM Grounds

The VSM Sunken Gardens

Birds eye of the VSM herb garden, vegtable patch and fruit orchard.

Another shot of our well maintained vegtable garden.