Virtual St Mary's Institute for Historical Research

Where St. Mary's Staff and Historians live virtually.

Virtual St Mary's Institute for Historical Research

Where St. Mary's Staff and Historians live virtually.

The IT Department:

What We Do Vs. What Everyone Thinks We Do

Generally, we may be viewed as the ladies and gents who reboot the system or come to your station to reinstall new software. Although we perform these tasks from time to time, we're actually MUCH MUCH more vital to the success and lucrativeness (that's the money making end) of Virtual St. Mary's; we complete many more tasks behind the scenes than the rest of you lot are aware of. Maybe you ought to buy us a round in the bar next time you see us muttering over our laptops... just saying :-)

Here's what the IT department does:
In an overall sense, the IT Department is responsible for communication infrastructure, storage of digital content / coordinates and we assist the operational units by providing them the equipment they need (i.e Data Stacks for Techies, Intercoms for Security, Recording devices for Historians, Horse Dating Profiles for the Stables, etc.)


1. Infrastructure:
The hardware components, the network, the circuitry, and all other equipment necessary to make an IT system function.  The IT department oversees the installation and maintenance of computer network systems within a company, creating and maintaining operational applications; developing, securing, and storing VSM electronic data.

2. Technical Support (Turning things off and then on again):
VSM Staff are familiar with having to contact the IT department for computer support. The IT department provides this service for all the users who need access to the company's computer systems. This might entail installing new software or hardware, repairing hardware that has become faulty, training staff in the use of new software, troubleshooting problems with the system or with an individual's computer and removing viruses (the computer sort not the human sort, those issues need be reported to Medical).

Please Note: We are NOT responsible for removing glitter or biscuit crumbs from computer equipment. Not only will we not help, but we will judge you thoroughly and restrict your wifi strength as punishment for not treating our equipment with the same respect you would a new born baby.

3. Company Website:
The IT department is responsible for creating and maintaining the VSM website. We design the layout, create the code, and test the site for usability. This is the stage you will hear the loudest shouting and cursing coming from our normally quiet hall, be not alarmed but enter with caution. 


Network Contingencies:

Should a network system go down, the repercussions can be costly -- not just to VSM and our facebook windows, but outside entities that require products or services from the company, (mainly Thirsk.) These outside entities could be affected and lose faith in VSM's ability to provide them with what they need. The IT department has a crisis plan in place that can be implemented should the system go down.


It's apparent that not all the IT department does is apparent - we create and maintain many systems that regularly  go unseen or unrecognized by staff. These services, however, are integral to the success of VSM. Though we may not be appreciated when things are running smoothly (HA! Like that ever happens!), our importance is greatly recognized when something goes wrong. In closing please remember to 1. Turn it off and back on again. 2. Clear your browsing history (seriously no one wants to know) and if all else fails 3. Bring tea, treats, or booze as bargining chips for faster service... We are easily bribed.

IT Staff

Department HeadJenni Vibert
Chris Butterworth
Ericka Cooper
Karen Corcoran
Elaine Dalgleish & Brodie
Lesley Herriot
Sue Massey
Lynne Munro (Quartermaster)
Bree Shulters (Webstar) (Hey thats me!! ;-) )
Arwen Spicer
Suzanne McNeil Taverner
Marcus Walters
Michael Barnard
Hannah Cornfield

Welcome to the IT Department
Located in the cloud and down the hall from Administration.

From the outside it's everything you would expect.... dark... nerdy.... multiple monitors humming out the beat to 'House of the rising Sun'. But WE have a secret. A secret that ONLY IT Staff are privy too (a.k.a have the password to get in).

Through the password encrypted trapdoor, hidden among our old equipment and wires, lays the most amazing workspace at VSM. Here you will find high speed internet, top of the line matrix ready computer system, cushy loungers and a world renowned Technical Reference library. Not sure why anyone would want to join any another department really....

(Very complicated stuff... we wont even attempt to explain them to you, just use your imagination and be thankful for our awesomeness)

Recorded by History, Edited and Rendered by IT.

Tudor London

Our historians did a great job not breaking anything and looking in the right general direction to capture the source material needed to create this massively detailed Halo. Be amazed.

The Cretaceous

The Cretaceous period marks the end of the age of Dinosaurs with what is known as the Great Extinction, our Historians thankfully made it out in time after getting some great footage.

Dreams of Dali

Just for fun, we decided to go inside and beyond Dali’s painting "Archaeological Reminiscence of Millet’s Angelus" and explore the world of the Surrealist master like never before in this mesmerizing Halo. (Textbook example of wasting Thirsk's money for the greater good)

IT Dopamine Dump: