Virtual St Mary's Institute for Historical Research

Where St. Mary's Staff and Historians live virtually.

Virtual St Mary's Institute for Historical Research

Where St. Mary's Staff and Historians live virtually.


The main reading room, circulation desk and Chief Librarian's Office are located directly across the great hall from the front entry. The library is conveniently located directly below the Research and Development Office. A mahogany paneled hallway leads researchers away from the main building and opens on the left to the magnificent historic library proper. (Comfy plush seating and biscuit area are just off to the right)

Collections, reference materials and archives fill all three stories of this beautiful structure. The large windows on the back wall look out over the lake with its family of swans, unless they are in the library, when they can be found in the archives under B ( for Bloody nuisance)

It is the perfect place to unwind with a good book after a tense mission. Tea and biscuits are always available.


From a different perspective....

Just like the rest of VSM our Library is very diverse... If you are looking for a more relaxed environment to begin your literary adventures please visit the basement and staff annex. Also watch out for doors & passages that might take you somewhere... unexpected. (Avoid the one that says "Warning Tiger". I'm not saying there is really a tiger in there, but why test your luck right?)

Library Staff

Chief Librarian - Suz Newbold
Clare Brown Agami
Dianna Bartlett
Charnel Marie Burton
Teresa Brenner Simpson
Katie Clapson
Sarah Cusworth
Heida Crowley
Laura Cotton - Chief Archivist
Zoe Cook
Elaine Dalgliesh
Valerie Gillies
Gillian Golding
Janet Graham-Russell
Beki Nsimon Harbourne
Tina Jaray
Ash Loffelmacher
Rebecca MacLean Lyman
Linda Mack
Sarah Penny
Wendie Elizabeth Roberts
Jane Roguski
Corinne Steger
Anne Stafford
Gill Scott
Jean Scarlett
Elspeth Scott
Isabel Tifft
Adrienne Wolffe Feddersen
Rosemarie McKeeby
Deborah Montgomery
Debrorah Johnson Rothenberg
Kristen Fagerstrom
Ines Nit
Judith George
Toni Cooke
Leanne Gibbons
Tina Walker
Amy Atkinson
Wendy Smith
Timothy Ferguson
Sally Poole
John Birch

BOOK Suggestions

All Librarians can be approached to recommend book choices, the best way to approach a member of the library team is either chocolate or biscuit first... Please note that the swans are NOT part of the team and therefore, cannot be trusted with any recommendations

We, of course, recommend that you read all St Mary's books.. after which you should read the Frogmorton series and Elizabeth Cage books written by the great Jodi Taylor, without whom we would not exist.

We have also comprised a list of Book Recommendations from the Virtual St. Mary's Staff. Feel free to click on the adjacent link to see the "Official" list!