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Where St. Mary's Staff and Historians live virtually.

Virtual St Mary's Institute for Historical Research

Where St. Mary's Staff and Historians live virtually.




St Mary's  runs on its stomach so Mrs. Mack's kitchen is open 24/7 to keep it fueled. Barb Ruddle, as head of the  department , runs a tight ship. Her bacon butties have saved the day more than once and she always keeps the kettle on.

Kitchen Staff

Department Head - Barb Ruddle
Merry Schepers - 2nd
Sara McKenna - 3rd
Afton Cochran - Banquet Chef
Constantina Mead
Sara Pickering
Mort Reading
Ann Morris
Caroline Price
Afton Cochran
Lynne Munro
Cerys Owen
Sheila Strickland
Claire Rice
Jacqui Ryder
Debbie Secord
Claire Ivins

The kitchen staff are arming up quite well for all contentious occasions!

The Boss, Barb Ruddle, has her Battle Ladle, Merry Schepers has her trusty cleaver, and Sara McKenna is getting a war hammer, erm, a "meat tenderizing hammer". (Side Note: Amanda Cate's 3 foot Microplane with hand grip looks VICIOUS, steer clear of that one if she's in a mood!)

How about the rest of you in the kitchen? What are you bringing to the next skirmish? Knives, carving forks, kitchen-sized viking broad axes, the tired but true solid beech rolling pin? Maybe some alternative weaponry such as the kitchen's infamous 'Throwing Scones', 'Ginger Nut Frisbees' and 'Dwarvish Battle Bread'. There is even a Nutcracker available for those delicate smaller situations....

Words of wisdom from the GoT, always be kind to the Kitchen Staff.

The VSM Kitchen Staff Armory


Please Note there is a NEW KITCHEN RULE: Any glitter in the kitchen MUST BE EDIBLE and must be kept in a sealed container. Violations will lead to Kitchen Staff asking the GoT to ban you! (Which is still better then ending up with Barb's Battle Ladle to the face like the last person who didn't listen. Don't be that person.)

Select Tables in Dinning Room Now Equipped with HALOs

FIRST COME FIRST SERVE - This is what happens when the Kitchen & IT staff get together to abuse VSM technology for our own personal amusement.

From the VSM Recipe Box

We asked Kitchen Head Barb Ruddle to share some of the Kitchen Staff's favorite recipies....

"As for recipes, I'm a basic cook who adds stuff to recipes , Afton is a Banquet Chef, and Merry Schepers has lots of recipes for her pork and bacon. I do a mean casserole, never the same twice."

They can cook up something for anyone! Savory meats, sweat treats and even green stuff for you veggie lovers! Here are a few of their classics and a some new seasonal dishes they are currently serving up in the Kitchens.

Remember the kitchen is open 24/7 and the kettle is always on... make sure to thank our Kitchen staff for all the great eats!

~Seriously how lucky are WE?!