Virtual St Mary's Institute for Historical Research

Where St. Mary's Staff and Historians live virtually.

Virtual St Mary's Institute for Historical Research

Where St. Mary's Staff and Historians live virtually.

Good Morning - Afternoon - or Evening
Let me introduce you to your department heads!

Administration - Teresa Mason-Tierney

Archery Range Instructor - Mel Lawn

Bar (The Blue Swan) - Deb Danielson

Groundskeeping - Jacqui Wilson Young

Finance Department - Sandra Hale

History - Rachel Garstang Penman

Housekeeping - Jill Wadsley

I. T. - Lorraine Dixon

Kitchen - Barb Ruddle

Library - Suziemitch Newbold

Chief Archivist - Laura Cotton

Mechanical - Nigel Bindoff

Medical - Jeanette Boyce Mews & Sam Marshall

Research and Development - Virginia Christy Lamothe

Safety and Risk Management - Nicole Pilcher

ROLO - Sian Bradshaw

Security - Wayne Sefton

Small Animals - Sara Rawlins

Stables - Carlita Adams

St. Mary's Chapel - Kristina Farrington

Store (Odds and Pods) - Deborah Sinclair

Technical - Jasonlouise Shaw

Wardrobe - Jenny Gurton

Please open your packets!!

About This Group:

We are all fans of Jodi Taylor's wonderful books The Chronicles of St Mary's series. We like each other too and want to live at St Mary's together. This site is just a place to have fun. It is in no way a substitute for the best Facebook group "The Fans of The Chronicles of St Mary's Series by Jodi Taylor", the original fan site and best posts are at:

Please look around, being a quiet member of our group is perfectly fine, posting occasionally or not at all. However, if you would like to be more involved, pick out a department and contact the department head to join. If you would like to transfer later you may submit for a Department Transfer once a month on the first Monday.



Please look around the rest of this site especially the Department Pages. After you return to the Facebook page, your first stop should be to the PHOTOS button on the left of your screen on the page. Click the second button to go to ALBUMS and explore. Add anything you want to these albums! The Staff rooms in the building are filled but look at them to get decorating ideas. We have rooms available in the new Taylor Winfrey Residence Hall. or TW for short. St Mary's is bigger than it looks. Each room is 12 by 15 with an attached bath. St Marys will supply a twin bed, dresser and night stands or bring in your own furnishings but please don't let Markham sell you anything. It took a long time to get the bugs out of that last lot he brought in.



Our walls are flexible, and we have a few more rooms here.

Vortigern, Angus and Turk have many new playmates with the addition of personal pets and Pliny our regimental goat. Please feel free to add your own pets. Our Security section has a Dog Corps. Genghis and Attila who enjoy using naughty newbies as chew toys.



St Mary’s assigned jumps are planned, presented and executed by the History Department who have their own department member only planning room. ( Please feel free to post Jump Suggestions in THE WORLD WENT WHITE album, research, and general tidbits to support them.

*There have been several UNAUTHORIZED jumps that have yielded some excitement on the grounds. If you feel so inclined we may or may not cover your butt with the TIME POLICE and/or DR BAIRSTOW. You will have to answer to Chief Shaw. Don't do it, it is just not worth it. and very frowned upon. DO NOT try to bring back flora, fauna, artifacts or cute contemporaries! History and the GoT will not be happy.




"Hi. I just wanted to pop by and say how much I was enjoying the page. Great job, Marietta. In response to a query I've received re fanfiction, I shall post my usual disclaimer. The plots for my books are set well in advance - I know it looks as if I just throw them together, but I don't, really. Anyway, should something appear that is similar to any of my plots, I will go ahead with my original idea anyway. I freely give my permission for you to have a go if you want to, but please can you keep the use of my characters to a minimum. In that way I won't read here that Professor Rapson has invented an exploding crumpet when I've just had him invent an exploding tea cake in Book 10. Best wishes to everyone. Enjoy your day."

So, our mission is to have fun while respecting Jodi Taylor and her wonderful work.




Our Ghost of Time (GoT) sees and knows all. Do NOT piss her off. This is a safe and happy virtual reality, a place to have fun with other fans of ST Mary's. We have grown to love VSM and protect it by respecting each other.

We have a governing board of nine who make major decisions and decide disputes. Each of them has the right and duty to delete a post that is political, disrespectful of any religion or belief system, has prejudicial speech about race, ethnicity or gender identification, explicitly sexual or graphically violent content.

Posts that are of a violent nature with references to explosives or extreme armament will be deleted. Repeat postings will cause a member to be banned. The real world is a violent place, one we like to get away from by coming here to St Mary's. Some of our member's lives have been touched by terrorist and personal attacks of violence. They may suffer from Post Traumatic Shock. It affects people from all walks of life and occupation and we would never want a post from here to be a trigger to their pain.

References to historic weapons on a jump are appropriate, excessive uses of them is not. Let us use Jodi's guidelines: Never kill a contemporary, no anomalous weapons, tasers, and Blasters ok. (glitter bombs, while frowned upon by housekeeping are ok)

If you have a problem with another member please post "I request a meeting in Dr. Bairstow's Office" and the board will meet with you privately.



Have FUN Remember at Virtual St Mary's you can work in whatever department you want, travel to different times and have abilities you may not have in 'real life'.